About Us

Introducing BMA

Established in Dubai, UAE. We are a Sports and Leisure company that brings culture, tradition, and arts all together. Our vision is what drives our goal to build the community to show the human potential and how it can be expanded through different types of sports, events, activities, and sharing of knowledge that comes from Brazil, and around the globe. Although it was only registered just recently in 2021, it was founded by Vladimir Cirilo 7 years ago, after his move to the UAE.

How we started – Our Team

Vladimir “Cirilo ( AKA “Professor Cirilo” )

Vladimir is a Capoeira Artist who obtains over 20 years of Experience. He is from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He moved to Dubai, UAE in 2014 and has been working in the field for around 7 years in the city, under the Capoeira Group ” Lagoa Azul “. Over the years, Vladimir has been working in events, performances, teaching Capoeira, all around Dubai and the Middle East, until establishing his own brand, and finding BMA

Hassan “Guinomo” ( AKA “Instructor Guinomo” )

Instructor Guinomo is Capoeira Instructor who have been in the field for over 15 years. He is from Manama, Bahrain. He started his Capoeira experience under the same teacher that taught Vladimir, Luciano “Biscoito”. He have been teaching kids and adults in Bahrain until he moved to Dubai and joined in with Vladimir in the making of BMA

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