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Capoeira is an Brazilian Martial Art that mixes elements of dance, music, acrobatics and fight.

Capoeira is very beneficial for kids and teenagers as well, it teaches the importance of discipline, respect, honor, self defense and the value of friendship. Another special point about Capoeira is that it also develops great musicality as it incorporates singing, clapping, drumming, and playing various musical instruments. 

One of the most incredible effects of Capoeira is that it keeps the body and mind sharp – its believed to prolong the life due to the healthy lifestyle, happiness, movement culture and music that keeps us young even at old age. 


Vladimir "Cirilo"

AKA "Professor Cirilo"

Vladimir is a Capoeira Artist who obtains over 20 years of experience. He is from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He moved to Dubai, UAE in 2014 and has been working in the field for around 7 years in the city, under the Capoeira Group “Lagoa Azul”. Over the years, Vladimir has been working in events, and performances, teaching Capoeira, all around Dubai and the Middle East, until he established his own brand, and found BMA


This class will enhance your child’s coordination, balance and flexibility, through the teaching of basic ballet positions, steps and terminology with standing barre work and simple center floor exercises.

 Introduce your little dancer to the beautiful art of ballet and let them simply enjoy and be creative in the dance and music .


Invented in the 1860’s, it’s one of the most popular team sports played around the world and one which doesn’t make exclusions. It’s easy to get started, all you need is a football, some goal posts and a few friends!

Not only is it a fantastic game to watch or take part in but football also helps to develop numerous skills in the children. They don’t have to play competitively to feel the benefits, just taking part with others will offer its rewards. 

Few benefits of football Encourages an active lifestyle, develops communication skills, enhances team skills and teamwork, helps to stimulate social skills, develops fundamental movement skills.

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